Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.
— Maya Angelou

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Wedding Packages Start at $1,800 + tax. This package includes:

  • A complimentary engagement session!

  • A 3-5 minute complimentary highlight video on your wedding day! Have a videographer? Great! I can give you a complimentary engagement video!

  • 6 hours of coverage on your wedding day!

  • A second shooter!

Need more hours? YAY! I’m an early riser anyways! I can cover up to 10 hours on a wedding day!

How it works…

  • Since you’ve made it this far, I’m guessing you’ve looked around my website and like my style so the next thing you’ll do is send me an inquiry HERE to let me know when your wedding is.

  • I’ll check my availability and get back with you asap to set up a time to chat. I can’t wait to hear all your values, wants, and needs!

  • We’ll schedule your complimentary engagement session.

  • I’ll have your engagement photos back to you within 2 weeks!

  • On the day of your wedding, I’m there to photograph every important detail and help you in any other way that I can.

  • You can expect to have your wedding photos back within 6 weeks!

Caitlin Elizabeth Oklahoma and Texas Wedding Photographer.jpg

Caitlin Elizabeth Oklahoma and Texas Wedding Photographer.jpg


  • How many images will I get on my wedding day? I strive to produce at least 50 images per hour on your wedding day! It honestly depends on the scale of your wedding. If nobody is dancing and I am the only one out on the dance floor (yes, your girl can boogie), then the amount of images picked to edit and release to you might be a smidge smaller. However, if you have a large wedding with a lot of interaction, you can expect more images at the hourly rate. 

  • How many images will I get with my engagement session? Engagement sessions come with a guaranteed 50 images!

  • What do I wear to my engagement session? I get this question all of the time! Once I get to know your style, I’d love to help style your sessions! Outfits inspire me in my photography so I take my clothing very seriously! ;) Trust me… model agents will probably be contacting you after our session!

  • How long does it take to get my wedding day photos back? I can promise you that your images will be fully delivered back to you within 6 weeks! It honestly depends on the time of the year the wedding is in. I’m shooting three weddings in one weekend, it’s going to take me sometime to get started on your images! 

  • How long does it take to get my engagement session photos back? I can promise you your images within 2 weeks max! I LOVE MY SESSIONS WITH Y’ALL AND I ALWAYS WANT TO START LOOKING AT THEM RIGHT WHEN I GET BACK HOME!

  • Do you only shoot in natural light? YES YES YES. Unless it’s reception time of course and the flash is needed! However, I LOVE natural lighting! I also love my sunrise and sunset sessions! But, I can shoot at any time of the day and still produce the images you want!

  • What gear do you shoot with? I’m a Sony guru! I own two Sony Camera body’s and I carry both of them with me at all times! I have a 24 mm, a 35 mm, a 50mm, and an 85 mm! I love my 85 mm for portraits! But I am able to add a lot of different perspectives to my images because of the variety of lenses that I have!

  • Why is wedding photography so expensive? This is a question I hear a lot! Not only are paying for someone’s expertise, but your paying for someone’s time, gear, efforts, etc… CLICK HERE for a brief article about what you pay for when hiring me!